This is My Story

By Champ

Champ with PilotChamp with Winkie I was born at The Seeing Eye in March 1987 and raised by The LaPenna Family. They said I was very stubborn and had their hands full with me. I got myself into trouble often, but I was having a good time

Then one day a big van came and took me back to The Seeing Eye and left a little puppy with The LaPenna's. Her name was Winkie. What kind of name is that? I have a great name: CHAMP.

In a couple of weeks Mrs. LaPenna came and brought me home. My hips were not good and I was not able to get into training. when I got home there was Winkie waiting for me. She was grown up a little and was lots of fun. She was a good runner.

Then she was gone and along came Penney and then Loni and on and on. I was having so much fun with them and the LaPenna's said I was a good boy. I could tell they loved me a lot. I was always being brushed and I loved to go for rides. I went everywhere they took the puppies, even to the vet.

Then I started to slow down and my legs weren't moving too well. I laid a lot and the pups would curl up next to me. I loved that, they kept me company.. Sometimes they would fall asleep next to me. I didn't mention how big I was. At one time I was close to 100 lbs. I was called the Gentle Giant.

One day I could not get up and Mrs. LaPenna was crying when she put me in the truck to take my last ride.

My life was wonderful for 12 years and my famly said I was indeed a Champ.

[as told by Mrs. LaPenna]

The Champ Award was a contest held by Pocono Guiding Pups in memory of Champ. The club members each wrote about why the dog they were raising was a champ. The entries were passed along to Mrs. LaPenna, who picked out her favorite. The winner would receive a small tocken of appreciation; Mrs. LaPenna was gifted with the knowledge that the memory of Champ lived on.


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